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All EYES on me.

I absolutely love seeing individuals that are so in tune with themselves and love themselves so much that they do what pleases them. It’s so inspirational because it’s no longer about what you think or how you feel about them. There is definitely a level of freedom attached to this level of self-awareness and self-love.

But with that …

I’ve learned over the years that someone is always watching you and the way you not only love yourself, but the way you love others. I believe that we have a responsibility to be conscious about the way we love and interact with others even in the very small details of life.

Things such as …

How we treat the cashier in the drive through line

Whether we allow the car in the merge lane with their blinker light on to come into the lane in front of us


If we hold the door or the elevator for the person coming after us.

All of these things, whether we know it or not are impactful. They are a direct reflection of who you are and what’s on the inside of you. They tell others through action what kind of person you are.

My challenge for you today is to STAY WOKE. Know that all eyes are on YOU! The world is watching how you differ yourself from others, and that is exemplified and examined through the way you love.

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